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Skylar Kaylyn

Christian singer/songwriter Skylar Kaylyn recalls music as “All I remember.” Growing up in a small town in Wyoming, she has acted, sung, and danced in her community since she was 6, singing and acting in her church from a very young age.  After teaching herself how to play guitar when she was 12, she began to help to lead worship during church and youth group meetings. 

With the love and endless support of her parents and family, Skylar continued to grow musically allowing her to follow the musical call in her life. She has had the opportunity to perform at Christian music festivals and other events all across the United States and released her third album, "This is Love," in October of 2016 with the help of talented Nashville producers, Riley Friesen and Nathan Dantzler.  Compiling songs based off God’s love for us and our love for Him, the title track "This is Love,” included Jon Steingard of Hawk Nelson as a feature. The album also included love songs she had written for family and friends on different occasions with some written of her own love story.

Thankful to move on from a solo act to a husband/wife duo upon getting married in the spring of 2017, she also joined the Bread of Stone family whom she met in 2013 on tour and again in 2014 where she met her husband, Jason Ferris, the band’s then new, and current drummer. Skylar is currently working with their production company, BNY Production, band ministry, and continues to sing and serve anywhere she can.

Skylar Kaylyn’s shares her mission statement with us:

I want to live in light of eternity, in my music ministry and in my personal life, and to share with others the power of putting your faith in Jesus in our everyday life.  I want to relate to people through my music and life, to connect with people to inspire them to turn to our Father God for salvation, and then to depend upon Him daily in that relationship.   



What others are saying about Skylar Kaylyn:


I was blown away by the maturity of Skylar's writing on the new album we just created for her. Song after song, I found myself loving each one. Veteran Christian music industry session players, engineers, and others here in Nashville were also very impressed.  I think it's the authenticity in her songs that is most effecting. You never get the feeling she is 'trying to write a song,' but that they come from a place of realness. The lyrics and melodies flow simply, and hit home well.  It's been a complete pleasure to work with her on this project. I'm a fan!  Eric Copeland, President of Creative Soul Records, Nashville, TN


I have had the opportunity to work with many artist – both nationally known signed artists and independent artists as a promoter, technical coordinator and as a musician.  I would rank Skylar Kaylyn high on my list of favorites.  Not only is she a talented songwriter and performer, she exhibits a very unique quality not often found in today's music industry professionals – HUMBLENESS!  She is very accommodating and flexible with promoters and venue operators.  She is equally comfortable taking the big stage or performing for small groups and always demonstrates deep gratitude for any opportunities to share the message of Jesus Christ with any who will listen.  Skylar is an excellent role model for young ladies (and old ones too!)  I would highly recommend booking Skylar Kaylyn for your next event!"  David Lin, Nehemiah Festival and Smithville Christian Family Day Coordinator, Technical Production Manager for His Song Evangelism Ministries, Lead Singer for 9th Hour



We had the joy of getting to know both Skylar and her manager/mom last year through our mutual friends, Bread of Stone.  Skylar performed at our 2014 Celebration Life Festival and I was especially shocked at her level of spiritual maturity for such a young artist.  We were equally impressed with her ability to tap into the cultural pulse of this new generation and communicate biblical principles so effectively and clearly through her music, while leaving a definitive impression on the hearts of all generations in attendance the night she performed.  Skylar has a true calling and the anointing of God to equip her to impact not just Wyoming where she is from, but I believe the whole world in God's time.  The girl is totally in love with Jesus Christ, and is not one bit bashful about sharing her faith in Him!   If she is coming to a church or event in your community, I strongly recommend you make a point to take your entire family to witness the work God is doing in this young woman's life!  Ellis Lucas, President of HSE Ministries and author of the book, "The Potter and the Clay"



Skylar is genuine in all aspects.  Her heart, her talent, and hard work are proof of this.  Ben Kristijanto of Bread of Stone



Skylar was refreshing to serve with. She has a transparent heart that is easily translated in her lyrics. She has a bright future ahead of her and I look forward to being there to see it.  Ben Calhoun of Citizen Way



KCMI has had the pleasure of working with Skylar on several occasions, and it’s always been a joy to hear her share her love for Jesus through her music and testimony.  We’ve also had the pleasure to meet her family, and it’s been a real encouragement to me to see a family who is “sold out” to Jesus and lives their faith.  We have nothing but good to say about our dealings with this dear family, and are thankful for the ways Christ is working through them and through Skylar’s music!  Gary Almquist, General Director, Christian Media Incorporated



This past August, we at the First Baptist Church of Scottsbluff were greatly blessed by the talent and grace of an amazing young lady by the name of Skylar Kaylyn.  With just her guitar, a couple of accompaniment tapes, and a winsome and joyous spirit, she sang about her walk with the Lord, and offered a message of hope for all who were present.  Skylar may be young in age, but has a presence and heart well beyond her years.  Her smile is infectious, and her confidence in what she does draws the listener into her music.  As an up-and-coming Christian artist, Skylar has a bright future ahead of her.  We are most definitely bringing her back to our community!  Rev. Gary Cole, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Scottsbluff, Nebraska



We have been very fortunate at New Life to host Skylar two times.  I was so impressed with her talent, character, and charisma the first time, and then discovered she possesses even more of these than I thought when she returned a few weeks later.  Her honest from the heart music and message have something to say to everyone in the audience.  Skylar is genuine and very much a young lady of God, and I love how much my daughter and the youth of our church look up to her!  Randall Weinzierl, Family Pastor of New Life Church, Gillette, WY



We have been blessed to witness a true artist for this generation that lets the Lord's light shine.  Skylar is divinely gifted and carries a genuine love for Christ.  Her music is refreshing, original, and inspiring.  SHE ROCKS!!!   Pastors Tymme & Aury, The Underground Church, North Hollywood, CA



My name is Johnny Britt. I've been a professional recording artist, producer and vocal coach in Los Angeles for a number of years.  I first met Skylar through a friend in the business who asked me if I'd consider giving this little girl from Wyoming vocal lessons.  At first I was skeptical, but after meeting and working with her I noticed immediately that she was very special.  She carries the intangibles that an artist/writer needs to make it in this industry today.  She is the real deal ... it is an honor to recommend and help guide this gifted young singer as she matures as a professional spreading her gift of song and voice to the Glory of God!!!   Johnny Britt, www.JohnnyBritt.com



Skylar is a very talented singer/songwriter with incredible potential whose passion for the Lord is amazing and inspiring. Gospel Lee, Christian hip hop artist, www.gospellee.com


Skylar Kaylyn is a young, singer/songwriter with a relevant message for this generation.  Not only does her sweet voice soar with liquid luminescence to the listener, she also stands proud and unabashed of her faith.  This character trait, along with the talent with which she has been gifted, inspires us to pass her music on long after we have listened to the last note of her original songs.  Her music connects people to people. Her youth and passion for life are ingredients that, when mixed with music, permeate the hearts of everyone within a listening view.  Skylar’s music leaves a ‘feel good’ sensation with every audience. Her songwriting comes from the heart of a story-teller, weaving issues that surround her and this generation into a positive message for all to hear. Skylar uses her voice to inspire people and asks them to join her in helping to change the world one lyric at a time.  Sue Ross-Mohr, Consultant, THE INNER VIZION, Nashville, TN





It has been my privilege to watch Skylar grow up from just a small child to a very fine young lady.  God has blessed her musically.  It is the desire of her heart to use this ability for the honor and glory of Christ.  Her music will be both positive and uplifting.  I would highly recommend that you consider her for a music ministry.  Denzil G. Mauk, former Senior Pastor at Wheatland Bible Church, Wheatland, WY


Skylar Kaylyn is a talented musician with a humble and sincere desire to use her gifts to minister to others, especially those of her generation.  Her music is both fun to listen to and edifying. It is exciting to be her youth pastor and be able to watch her grow in her love for the Lord and her desire to use her gifts and talents to serve Him.  Danny Fredericks, Youth Pastor of Wheatland Bible Church, Wheatland, WY


Skylar Kaylyn's story could easily be titled, "Skylar Goes to Nashville." Skylar is a small town girl with a huge heart. She grew up in rural Wyoming, but she is destined for something much different than the quiet life of a country girl. Born into a very musical family, she showed signs from a very early age that music would one day be her second-most fervant passion. Her love for Jesus is number one, and her faith is evident in the songs she writes and performs. For "In My Head," her Sophomore release, Skylar "headed" for Nashville. There she found the guidance, mentorship and the helpful talent she needed to take her game to the next level. "In My Head" is a truly stunning effort. Musically, it is a sort of an amalgam of easy pop, acoustic country and folk that is not only a delightful, sometimes beautiful listen, but served to help artists such as Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat become so well appreciated. The instrumentation is tasty and top-notch, accenting Skylar's lyrical themes perfectly. Although Skylar is just eighteen years old, over the past four years or so she has managed to become a formidable song-writer. The hooks on this album are monstrous, and are bound to stick "In YOUR Head." Lyrically, trusting in God's providence and being encouraged in your own personal faith are consistent themes. When buying this album you will be accomplishing two very worthy objectives. You will provide yourself the best listening experience of the year, and you will be helping launch the career/ministry of a very special young lady. It's a win-win. Tony Borton, personal friend and mentor



 Skylar is the consummate performer.  Beginning as early as age five, Skylar entertained audiences with her presence and her gift of entertaining.  It has been a pleasure watching her grow into a young woman whose desire to put God above all else has developed into a reward for the rest of us.  She has tenacity, believes in teamwork and brings humor and kindness to everything she does.  Skylar has a rewarding life ahead of her and I know she will use her skills accordingly.  Linda Fabian, owner of Dance Wyoming dance studio, Wheatland, WY

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